Growing in confidence

The baby giraffe is now a few weeks old and is getting strong on his legs, walking around the dens. He’s even started to follow the actions of the zookeepers!

The baby is becoming very inquisitive, venturing right up to his keeper when the house is cleaned out in the morning.

On the 2nd of October the keepers decided to give mum, Ijuma, and the baby access to the outside yard for the first time for a couple of hours.

Mum seemed very happy to get some fresh air but it took a little while before the baby build up enough courage to come out. Once out, he was staggering around and exploring the surroundings as it was all very brand new.

The other giraffes are showing a lot of interest over the fence, especially Savannah and Dad Uno, but are being kept separate at this point to allow space for mum and baby.

Author: MarioEG

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