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The star of Beauval Celebrates her Birthday With the Crowd

This beautiful story is brought to you by the amazing Casino Enligne Paris that is one of the most incredible platforms in France, we recommend reading more about them here. Now let’s see what is going on in the ZSL Zoo as of late. Yuan Meng was wanted. The baby panda of 30 kg was in no hurry to go to taste the birthday cake that London zoo blog bought it for him. Concocted by the team of healers, the iced treat, made on three levels and made from apples, carrots, various fruity syrups, and fresh bamboo, seemed tantalizing…

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Bonito the giant anteater

This week we had another unusual patient in the vet department. Bonito the Giant Anteater stopped by to have a general health check and a few x-rays. He is an old chap, and we suspected he, as other elderly patients do, had back problems as he has appeared stiff some mornings. London zoological society was lucky to have a couple of x-ray technicians from the RVC visiting so we planned for Bonito to have his x-rays taken with their assistance….

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Campaign to stop oil exploration in Virunga National Park

Latest zoology discoveries: After the success of the okapi conservation strategy workshop I’m afraid I have some rather less cheerful news. According to the latest research in zoology, oil exploration permits covering 85% of Virunga National Park, including the okapi’s habitat within the northern sector of the park, were granted in 2010, and plans for oil exploration within the park are now set to go ahead. This could have terrible consequences for wildlife within the park, with pollution, deforestation and…

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Zoology News: Latest Discoveries Found out that Virus Threatens Elephants in Hamburg Zoo

Two young elephants have died. In Hamburg animal park Hagenbeck a virus has broken out. Where does it come from and what makes it so dangerous? Suddenly, Kanja was dead. The two-and-a-half-year-old elephant bull collapsed on Wednesday a week ago in the elephant hall of Hagenbeck’s Animal Park in Hamburg. Who is it to blame for underestimating the importance of zoology? Although the bull had not gone well the weekend before. But the caretakers did not expect the animal to die. Two days…

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Its a boy!

We suspect the baby giraffe was born around 7 am in London zoo on the 30th September as he was still quite wet when the first keepers came in at 7.40. I got the text at 8 am and managed to get to work 10.15 in time to see when he was standing for the first time. It is an event which is always nerve wrecking because baby giraffes have quite a distance to fall when they fail to control their…

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Growing in confidence

The baby giraffe is now a few weeks old and is getting strong on his legs, walking around the dens. He’s even started to follow the actions of the zookeepers! The baby is becoming very inquisitive, venturing right up to his keeper when the house is cleaned out in the morning. On the 2nd of October the keepers decided to give mum, Ijuma, and the baby access to the outside yard for the first time for a couple of hours….

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Baby Giraffe Diaries

Meet ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s latest (and leggiest) arrival, a baby giraffe! Born on 30 September 2012 to first-time parents Uno and Ijuma, the male giraffe is already proving hugely poplar with visitors and zookeepers alike. Keeper Louise Jakobsen updates on the giraffe’s progress with news, photos and videos so you won’t miss a moment.

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Visiting my Chagossian hertige Yannick Mandarin

My time on Chagos is just amazing, emotional and fun. My grandparents lived, married and raised kids on these islands. Now I can put a picture to all the stories I heard from my grandfather, Henri Mandarin, as I was growing up. So far, I’ve visited 35 islands with Peter Carr who’s doing an amazing job out here, protecting all the birds on these islands. Peter and I have spent lots of time together going from island to island to…

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