Adelaide Zoo’s Giant Panda Fu Ni Could be Pregnant Thanks to Latest Discoveries in Zoology

London Zoo has announced its giant panda, Fu Ni, could be pregnant after implementing the latest research in zoology while she was on her 36-hour breeding window.

London zoological society said that attempts at natural mating with a companion, Wang Wang, were not successful, so the decision was made to proceed with two artificial inseminations.

“Both of the procedures went well, with one completed on Monday evening and the second on Tuesday morning,” senior veterinarian Ian Smith said.

Adelaide Zoo’s giant panda Fu Ni could be pregnant after a series of artificial insemination. (Supplied)

Staff, along with an expert from China, have worked around the clock over the past four days to support the giant pandas. It is the fifth genuine attempt at breeding the pair.

“The complicated reproductive biology presents a number of challenges, but ongoing research continues to improve our understanding of panda reproduction and improve our chances of succeeding.” Mr Smith said.

Adelaide Zoo’s Bamboo Forest will be closed until Monday to maximize the chance of success.

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Natural attempts at mating with companion Wang Wang failed, forcing staff to attempt another method of getting Fu Ni to fall pregnant. (Supplied)

“Following the reproductive window, it’s essential that Fu Ni is not exposed to any potential stressors,” Zoos SA chief executive Elaine Bensted said.

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