The star of Beauval Celebrates her Birthday With the Crowd

Yuan Meng was wanted. The baby panda of 30 kg was in no hurry to go to taste the birthday cake that London zoo blog bought it for him. Concocted by the team of healers, the iced treat, made on three levels and made from apples, carrots, various fruity syrups, and fresh bamboo, seemed tantalizing.

The morning feeding with her mom had perhaps already satiated the star of the day! Yuan Meng preferred to rest outside, enjoying a bit of freshness before returning to his indoor air-conditioned enclosure. Her two main carers baited her, then lifted her up to dessert.
Free entry for those born on August 4In front of him, hundreds of visitors made the trip to be there early and immortalize this moment. Born on August 4th, like the baby panda, but not in the same year, Josiane, from Cher, yesterday celebrated her 59th birthday and was allowed to enter the ZooParc de Beauval for free:“With my husband, we planned to visit the site in September, but when I heard that the entrance was offered to me, we came forward. I feel like a privileged guest, “she says.

After being there by chance a year ago, the day after the birth of Yuan Meng, Aurélie, of Romorantin, wanted to participate in the birthday of the animal with his child of 2 years and a half: “With the pass, we come twice a month to walk with my son . Catherine, from Creuse, shows on her arm the drawing of a juvenile panda: “It’s a tattoo I made three years ago, well before the birth of Yuan Meng. It is a tattoo artist of Paris of a certain fame who realized it. It took hours of work, “ she smiles.

importance of zoology

For Astrid Bernasconi, assistant manager of the pandas-koalas sector, also born on the same day as the young Ursid, this anniversary had a particular flavor: “It’s a very nice gift, recognizes the one that saw it evolve over the days . I particularly remember his first steps, a step towards autonomy. He learns very quickly, but there is still a baby sleeping a lot. He is at once stubborn and cabotin like his father, while having the sweetness of his mother. “

On this birthday, Astrid also has a thought for the twin of Yuan Meng dead at birth. The carer apprehends a little the day when the young panda will leave to join his congeners in China.
Star de Beauval, the baby panda draws the crowd – 8,000 visitors were welcomed in total yesterday – and allows the ZooParc to raise awareness of the general public to biodiversity problems, making it a interesting research project for zoology, as reminded Rodolphe Delord, site director.

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